About Us

S.G. Home Decor Products that are unique in design, handicrafts from all the corners of India, products with good utility adding value and aesthetics to every corner of your house.

Roaming around the stores of the world gave us a surprising insight into home décor & inspiration  – Among the products displayed in those stores with huge brand labels were also products made locally in India but not easily available in Indian markets, the acceptability of those products in the international market made us realise how well they could do in our own market.

A humble start-up which started with the production of usable decorative candles in our own kitchen has now grown into a brimming catalogue of home décor cum utility products.

Hailing from finance background had its own pros and cons and especially cons in terms of selling a product, little did I know about marketing a product, let alone selling it. The pro on the other hand was that I understood the value a product held and realised what a modest margin means.

However, business was in the blood, our family had been handling retail outlets of non-homeware products for over a decade. All we had to do was pick the traits up from that business and apply it here bearing in mind how sensitive this market of home décor items is, especially towards changing styles and perceived value.  

Our scope of products in the beginning constituted of products that had minimalistic designs and great utility value, only later we realised that utility can be clubbed with some intricate yet complex designs , which thereby expanded our scope into anything and everything that was made up of metal, wood and glass.

We soon realised the importance of touch and feel in the process of buying homeware products, it was essential for a customer to see the product, use their imagination before buying it. We opened a walk-in studio with conceptual placing of the products which enabled the customers to understand different ways and different places a product can be used in or placed at. We also realised the need to be able to be flexible in terms of sizes and finishes and hence started offering ‘’bespoke designing’’ or in layman terms ‘’customisation’’. The customer is free to choose anything from among our range of products that he/she requires to be customised, however the economies of scale should support it. Or on the other hand, the customer can freely get a new product made from us, considering the quantities are reasonable.

It is not a mean task to upkeep the ever changing and ever-growing inventory as the products are majorly handmade unique pieces with not much chance of multiple duplication like in factory made product. A product once sold may or may not come back into our catalogue. The regular upkeep, updates, selection, quality check of each item is a daunting task in itself but we do it diligently so that we can give our customers a very unique yet satisfying experience while taking our pieces of art home, each time.


Proudly Crafted With Love & Passion,

S.G. Home – Essential By Design | Urban by Choice | Modest by Price.