Dessert Stand with Glass Cloche


The SG Homes Dessert Stand with Glass Cloche is a brilliant piece of art that will surely enhance the look and feel of your dining table. It features a glass cloche where you can place cakes or other desserts that add a visual appeal to the overall look of this product. This dessert stand is a perfect addition to any buffet table. It can be used to serve desserts and other items as well. The glass cloche makes it easy to see the desserts while they are being served.



Proudly Hand Crafted With Love & Passion, S.G. Home – Essential By Design | Urban by Choice | Modest by Price. Each product is hand made/crafted, hence please expect slight variation in every piece.

  •  Overall Dimensions : Length (in.)12 ,Width (in.)12 ,Height(in.)11, Weight (Grams)-2811
  • Made In India
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